Are you a jewelry designer?

If your work meets the criteria below (some or all), contact us to know more about how we can cooperate together!

Vegan/ Cruelty-free

Recycled/ Upcycled


Ethical / Fairtrade

Social contributions

Dear all,

As an arising brand we have been growing and learning a lot in the process; and we figured that we cannot continue without a full social commitment.


Even though we are today known for an outstanding quality on our products, we want to be able to say out loud that our impact is only positive.


Therefore, we are taking a step back to ensure that an ethical and sustainable approach is in place.


Foremost we want you to be proud of what you're wearing by being fully conscious of your impact.

Thank you so much to all of you for believing in us from the very beginning !

See you in a better world soon!! xoxo Maria

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